I am currently in the process of moving all my greeting cards to my website, .

This blog is set up to display the greeting cards I have for sale. I am also selling my cards on Etsy, and you can click here to go directly to my list of Etsy items.

All of the greeting cards have an original photograph taken by Leedra Scott.I have numerous styles of cards and will be posting photographs of actual cards, just to show the style of the wording on the particular card.

You can pick the photograph you want for your cards when you order. The photographs can be picked from Photography By Leedra web site or Photography By Leedra blog.Notice the notes in each display to see if the card can be purchased in horizontal, vertical, either one, or ready with the photograph shown.

All cards are blank on the inside. Outside dimension of all of the cards are 5" x 7". No additional postage required when mailing.

Please click here for pricing and contact information for orders.

The photographs are attached in a manner that looks very professional and cannot be removed without destroying the photograph.

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